Travel The World: Best Countries To Visit

With a world full of great places to visit, it is sometimes difficult to choose what countries to prioritise. If you can travel the world now, do you know where to go first? To help you with your search of the best counties to visit, here is the list of our top choices and what you can do there.

Paris. The City of Light attracts millions of visitors every year. It is most popular for having a vast art collection and great cuisine. Together with having centuries-old churches, blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, stately museums, and so much more, the city of Paris creates an unforgettable ambience.

Rome. Rome is Italy’s capital and is known for its history that goes back to Julius Caesar, the time of Octavian and Hadrian, and so on. With structures such as the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and churches generating millions of tourists not to mention the different Italian dishes and the gelato this city is truly magical.

Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon measures approximately 277 river miles in length, and mostly 18 miles in width making this a unique natural wonder in northern Arizona. People from all over the world have come to visit this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Be prepared when you visit the Grand Canyon though because it can be very crowded especially the South Rim where the Grand Canyon Village and the Bright Angel Trail are located. If you want to break away from the crowds, head to the North Rim where backwoods camping and hardcore hiking are popular.

Spectacular Attractions To See In London

Want to know where you should go when you visit London? We have gathered our own top list of the best places in London and what you can do once in there:

Baker Street

Also known as the street where Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived. Today, you can visit the Sherlock Holmes museum near the Underground station which became popular again after the BBC ‘Sherlock.’

Baker Street is also the home of Madame Tussauds wax museum where you will find famous celebrities from around the world. Once done, exit Baker Street and go to Regent’s Park, or climb Primrose Hill to see the great view of the city.

Thames Cruise

Take a cruise across the Thames since there are cruises that run as regularly as every 30 minutes from different locations. The cruises goes to important key locations that include Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye.

If you want to go on a cruise at night, some cruises also offer this service where you will be able to see how London is alive at night. This is a lovely and unique way to view the city where you will be able to travel along Thames.

The O2

The O2 Arena has become a top destination for live music and stage shows as well as a place to stage concerts for the biggest names. It also has a cinema and bars and restaurants. The place is an ideal spot to spend with friends especially for those who are seeking some adventure. try to climb to the top of the O2 where you will be able to get the beautiful views of the city at the top of the dome.

The Maldives – Top Things You Can Do On The Island

The Maldives has it all with its luxury bungalows, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches, it is a true dream destination. If you want to have an amazing holiday adventure on the island, here are the top things you can do there:


The Maldives is a premier destination when it comes to scuba diving and when you are on the island, never pass this opportunity. Experience to mingle with stingrays, whale sharks and sea turtles on their crystal blue waters. You don’t even need to wear a wetsuit since the water is warm and inviting.


Snorkelling is your next option if you are not into scuba diving. Maldives reefs are so pristine you don’t even need to go deep to see a lot. When you go snorkelling, you will find sea turtles, and even immense to schools of colourful fish you will feel you are inside a giant aquarium.

Dolphin Excursion

Go on a dolphin excursion just before sunset and search for them. You will be able to see dolphins playing and leaping at your bow. Most guests on the island even claim that the dolphins in the Maldives are the most active and playful they have ever seen which means you will totally have a blast watching them too.

Island Hopping

The truth is, there are many locals that live and work on the islands. If you are staying at a private island, make sure to island hop and visit nearby communities. The locals mostly follow a strict Muslim culture so make sure to dress appropriately.

Restaurants To Try When Travelling In Mexico City.

There is no doubt that Mexico City is a food paradise. However, the thought of travelling this big congested city can be very tiring. Mexico City has a lot of street food on nearly every corner, and with that are an endless quantity of quality restaurants.

To help with your journey, we have made a short list of the best restaurants that you can find when travelling in Mexico City.

El Vilsito

Located at Avenida Universidad, Narvarte Poniente, this restaurant is considered to offer the most famous taquria. Their Al Pastor is to die for. You will be able to taste the best taco al pastor in town and you will definitely go for more.

Taqueria Los Gueros

Yes, you will eat a lot of tacos when you are in Mexico City, and why not? You will never get tired of eating them especially when you visit Taqueria Los Gueros as they serve different types of tacos.

El Esquina de Chilaquiles

You can find this food stall in Condesa. You can try their tortas, sandwiches filled with fried chicken cutlets, chilaquiles, and topped with a lot of salsa. It is a bit heavy to eat but definitely worth every bite.

Mariscos Orizaba

This simple street food located in Juarez serves different types of mariscos. You can taste their different types of seafood tostadas. Their shrimp tostado is highly recommended by many and most would say that after trying one, they do not want to try anything else.

The Glow Worms of Waitomo

About 200km south of Auckland, a two and a half hour drive or bus ride, you’ll find a place called Waitomo which has some very famous worms living within its caves.

These worms are special, because they are glow worms who live in and on the ceilings of the caves, lighting them up for the thousands of travellers who visit them each year.

Worms that aren’t worms

The glow worms are actually fly larvae that emit waste with a phosphorescent glow. It’s kind of gross, but it is how the larvae attract their prey. They basically trick the prey into thinking they are outside, flying up to the stars, but instead, they get stuck and eaten by the larvae.

The caves

The caves that the worms call home were discovered in the late 19th century, and opened to the public soon after. The present-day Maori guides for the caves are actually descendants of the caves’ founders, and have wonderful stories to share.

The best way to explore

Walking through the caves is a beautiful experience, but if you want to have some fun, we recommend the three-hour black-water tubing trip, or the five-hour version which also includes abseiling and climbing. There is also a more chilled out boat ride option if you don’t want to get too extreme and would rather just take in the amazing sights.

The waterfalls

The insides of the caves are not the only stunning sights, as there are a range of waterfalls outside as well. They are even safe to jump down into for a swim!

The journey

Once you descend into the cave, you’ll walk through some tight openings and tunnels, and cold water which at times can be chest height. Here you’ll find the first waterfall, which you can jump from! Then just relax and cruise through the cave.

The glow worm caves in Waitomo are absolutely incredible, so keep in mind that they are a significant tourist attraction and can get jam-packed in the school holidays. Time your visit wisely for the best experience.