The Maldives – Top Things You Can Do On The Island

The Maldives has it all with its luxury bungalows, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches, it is a true dream destination. If you want to have an amazing holiday adventure on the island, here are the top things you can do there:


The Maldives is a premier destination when it comes to scuba diving and when you are on the island, never pass this opportunity. Experience to mingle with stingrays, whale sharks and sea turtles on their crystal blue waters. You don’t even need to wear a wetsuit since the water is warm and inviting.


Snorkelling is your next option if you are not into scuba diving. Maldives reefs are so pristine you don’t even need to go deep to see a lot. When you go snorkelling, you will find sea turtles, and even immense to schools of colourful fish you will feel you are inside a giant aquarium.

Dolphin Excursion

Go on a dolphin excursion just before sunset and search for them. You will be able to see dolphins playing and leaping at your bow. Most guests on the island even claim that the dolphins in the Maldives are the most active and playful they have ever seen which means you will totally have a blast watching them too.

Island Hopping

The truth is, there are many locals that live and work on the islands. If you are staying at a private island, make sure to island hop and visit nearby communities. The locals mostly follow a strict Muslim culture so make sure to dress appropriately.